What is La Resistance based on?

Based on true events, the six-part drama Resistance tells the story of young heroes in France who fight for freedom from German Nazi occupation during World War II.

Did Ze mole die?

The Mole helps the boys infiltrate the USO show, but the mission fails after Cartman forgets to shut down the base’s security system. As a result, the Mole is fatally injured by a group of army attack dogs. As he died, he sang “The Mole’s Reprise”, while Kyle held him and softly eased him into death.

Is Gregory of Yardale British?

ABOUT. Gregory is an intelligent and sophisticated blonde-haired boy who transferred to South Park elementary after attending school at Yardale, where he held a 4.0 gradepoint average. He speaks with an English accent, and has a beautiful singing voice.

Who plays the Countess in resistance?


role name
The Countess Fanny Ardant
Paulette Isabelle Nanty
Paul Rivet Alain Doutey
Andre Kirschen Jeremie Petrus

Is Gregory French South Park?

Background. Gregory, who is portrayed with both an upper-class English accent and stereotypical traits of the English, has caught Wendy Testaburger’s romantic attention. She denies this to Stan Marsh, later implying that her feelings for Gregory were merely a strong admiration.

Who voiced Gregory in South Park?

One of musical theatre’s own, Howard McGillin, is even the singing voice of Gregory, a pro-revolutionary and political organizer of the South Park playground. McGillin, a vet of Kiss of the Spider Woman and Encore’s Ziegfeld Follies of 1936, leads a Les Miserables parody called “La Resistance (Medley).”

How to let go of resistance in life?

Take 100 percent responsibility for being the powerful creator that you are. 2. Stay out of self-judgment. Just like in the acorn lives the potential of the oak tree, that which you are seeking is already within you. None of this is a game to the finish line. Instead, use the resistance to point you to areas that need “clearing.”

What happens if you die in La Resistance?

Though you die, La Resistance lives on. You may get stabbed in the head with a dagger or sword. You may be burned to death or skinned alive or worse. For though you die, La Resistance lives on. Blame Canada! Blame Canada!

What was the song La Resistance in South Park?

“La Resistance” is a song featured prominently in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut . The children sing this song when they form the eponymous resistance movement opposing Mothers Against Canada, the organization advocating the execution of Terrance and Phillip .

What’s the premise of the game the resistance?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Resistance is a social role-playing card-based party game. The game’s premise involves a war between government and resistance groups, and players are assigned various roles related to these groups.

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