What is a Cisco Certified Architect?

The CCAr certification is for senior network infrastructure architects who produce technical specifications for the network to support business objectives. The curriculum focuses on understanding the business strategy and translating it into technical infrastructure requirements.

What education is needed to become a network architect?

Computer network architects usually need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, engineering, or a related field. Degree programs in a computer-related field give prospective network architects hands-on experience in classes such as network security or database design.

How much does a Cisco Certified Architect make?

As per Glassdoor, the average salary of Cisco certified architect professional is around $161,272 per the annum in the United States. However, freelance work can also be rewarding and beneficial towards progressing your career.

What Cisco certification should I get first?

The CCENT is the first step of the Cisco certification path. It’s an entry-level certification focused on setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting branch networks. It’s an excellent foundation for IT professionals interested in networking careers.

Is it hard to become a network architect?

The job requires a mix of hard technical skills and soft skills, and proven leadership as a team lead, manager or technical expert. Other skills that are often associated with the network architect role are the ability to: Develop and implement test plans. Develop project timelines for projects.

What is the starting salary for a computer network architect?

What Is The Average Network Architect Salary? The average network architect salary is $97,123 per year, or $46.69 per hour, in the United States. Those in the lower 10%, such as entry-level positions, only make about $73,000 a year.

What certification makes the most money?

High-paying six-month certificate programs

  1. Emergency Medical Technician. National average salary: $14.65 per hour.
  2. Funeral director. National average salary: $18.90 per hour.
  3. Brick Mason.
  4. Personal trainer.
  5. Medical coder.
  6. Firefighter.
  7. Air traffic controller.
  8. Automobile service station manager.

Is a Cisco certification worth it?

A lot of that is due to reputation—Cisco skills and certifications are considered some of the most valuable in the industry. But the topics tackled by Cisco certifications are also in high demand. Two of their more prominent certification areas—security and networking—are key concerns for IT professionals.

Is CCIE worth it 2020?

The most basic and obvious answer is that a CCIE certification is entitled to jobs that pay impressive and high salaries. That is the basic end goal for the users in most cases. I am sure the reason why you would invest your time, energy, effort and money into this course is because it would reap you great results.

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