What happened to Simmons in Person of Interest?

Fusco eventually manages to overpower Simmons, brutally breaking his arm and subduing him. Simmons orders Fusco to kill him, but Fusco tells Simmons that Carter made him a better man and he won’t dishonor her memory by murdering Simmons.

Who killed Dominic Person of Interest?

As soon as he lowers his weapon Dominic is killed by a shot to the head by a Samaritan sniper as part of The Correction. Elias is also shot in the chest but his fate is left ambiguous while Fusco is spared. Its later revealed that Fusco was able to save Elias.

What was John Reese’s real name?

Jim Caviezel
He is portrayed by Jim Caviezel….John Reese (Person of Interest)

John Reese
Person of Interest character
First appearance “Pilot”
Last appearance “return 0”
Portrayed by Jim Caviezel

Who is Simmons on person of interest?

Robert John Burke
“Person of Interest” The Devil’s Share (TV Episode 2013) – Robert John Burke as Officer Patrick Simmons – IMDb.

Who is Alonzo Quinn in person of interest?

Alonzo Quinn is a campaign manager living two lives. By day, Quinn is a veteran bureaucrat and seasoned administrator in the city’s political machine. However, Quinn’s seedier role is HR’s head. He, along with Simmons, practically rule HR with an iron fist.

Who is HR on person of interest?

Alonzo Quinn
HR, initialism of Human Resources (“Bury the Lede”) is an organization of corrupt law enforcement and public officials. It is led by Alonzo Quinn and his second-in-command Patrick Simmons, who work with the criminal underworld to maintain order in New York.

Is Elias a bad guy?

Elias was the best villain that Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson) ever faced in Person of Interest. Following his escape, Elias continued to operate as a mob boss and acted as an ally to the team until his death in season 5.

Does Person of Interest have romance?

The series has never made a huge deal of their romantic connection (or, really, any romantic connection on the show), but the chemistry between Acker and Shahi is potent enough that when Root is the one to find Shaw early in “6,741,” it feels like the episode will simply turn into the two women casting longing glances …

How is Harold Finch so rich?

After Finch graduated from MIT he made a deal that Ingram was the public face of the hugely successful business while Harold necessarily remained unseen, accumulating vast wealth without having a public profile. It is made clear in the early seasons that Finch’s personal fortune runs into billions of dollars.

Who was the man in the suit in person of interest?

He was nicknamed “The Man in the Suit” by law enforcement, who know him only in terms of the description given by witnesses. Harold Finch (played by Michael Emerson) is a reclusive billionaire software engineer who built a machine that predicts future crimes and outputs either the victim’s or perpetrator’s Social Security number.

What happens to Patrick Simmons in person of interest?

After the service, Simmons is confronted by Fusco, who claims he knows that he had something to do with Beecher’s death. Simmons tells him that he doesn’t have HR’s protection anymore and hints of what would happen when his former friends talk to Internal Affairs.

Who is Sarah Shahi in person of interest?

She’s highly skilled in combat, as proven on many occasions. Root also develops a romantic interest in Shaw. Shaw (Sarah Shahi, Bullet To The Head) joined the team in season 2 and is a former assassin who has difficulty expressing emotions.

Who are the actors in person of interest?

Alex Zakrzewski (1 episode, 2011) Brad Anderson (1 episode, 2012) Jon Cassar (1 episode, 2012) Félix Enríquez Alcalá (1 episode, 2012) Clark Johnson (1 episode, 2012) Larry Teng (1 episode, 2012) David Von Ancken (1 episode, 2012)

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