Is the NP435 a good transmission?

It is a well-built transmission and remains easy to locate and generally inexpensive to buy and maintain. The strength, relatively short size and the gearing of the transmission make it a good choice for a variety of situations. The NP435 was made by New Process Gear from 1962 thru 1997.

How much does it cost to rebuild a NP435?

the np435 is the most common 4spd ever put into a truck. rebuild kits are usually about $200, but its not worth it because like that other guy said – you could have a broken gear or a damaged shaft.

What fluid does a NP435 take?

No, an NP435 does indeed take oil and not ATF. The viscosity varies depending on the temp in your area from SAE 30 to SAE 140.

Who makes the NP435?

A majority of these units were used on Ford and Dodge two- and four-wheel-drive trucks; however, GM used the New Process 435 units for several years in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and International Harvester adopted the NP435 for its 1500, 1600 and 1700 series medium-duty trucks.

How strong is the NV4500?

It’s rated at 460 lb ft torque. Ask GAmes why he swapped to a G56.

How much does a NP435 weight?

New Process NP435 Transmission Specs

Transmission: New Process NP435 (various sub-models)
Case Length: 10-7/8″
Input Shaft: 1-1/16″, 10 spline for Ford & GM applications, 23 spline in Dodge pickups
Output Shaft: 31 spline (4WD), 28 spline (2WD)
Weight: ~ 120 – 135 lbs

How much oil does a NP205 hold?

The NP205 holds 2.5 qts.

How do I identify a NP435 transmission?

You can recognize the NP435 by it’s single piece, aluminum, bolt-on top cover with the shifter sticking directly out of the top and a fitting on the driver’s side for the back up light switch. Most have the letters “NP” inside a circle cast into the cover.

What car has the strongest transmission?

The Most Powerful Cars That Still Offer a Manual Transmission

  1. of 14. BMW M2 Competition – 405 HP.
  2. of 14. Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 – 414 HP.
  3. of 14. Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder – 414 HP.
  4. of 14. Lotus Evora GT – 416 HP.
  5. of 14. Porsche 911 Carrera S.
  6. of 14. Chevrolet Camaro SS – 460 HP.
  7. of 14. Ford Mustang GT – 460 HP.
  8. of 14.

What kind of transmission is the np-435?

The NP-435 is a top shifting style transmission, which is top loaded and has become one of the most popular choices for people interested in a low crawling gear for their vehicle. There is a PTO on the passenger side of this case as well.

Are there any new parts for The NP435?

Essentially all parts for the NP435, including gears, shafts, etc. are available new and affordably so. Contact us. Click on any item description in blue below to expand its details for purchase.

How much does a process 435 NP435 cost?

Our NP435 building process re-wrote the book on though, and with an all time low sale price it has become the one of the most affordable transmissions on the market. Core Deposit: $200.00 Price change alert: This will affect only 2WD 35 spline models $795.00

How much does a NP435 4 speed manual weigh?

The NP435 is sometimes hard to tell from the similar looking T18 or T19. One way to check is with a magnet, which won’t stick to the aluminum top cover of the NP435. The NP435 also has the PTO cover plate on the passenger’s side. Weight is approximately 120 lbs.

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