Is Kimber Ultra Carry II?

The Ultra Carry II (Two-Tone) is a hallmark of Kimber quality, complete with a brushed-polished carbon slide, aluminum frame and smooth/checkered rosewood grips.

What caliber is a Kimber Ultra Carry?

.45 ACP
Size matters in a concealed carry pistol. Reduced dimensions and light weight are as important as magazine capacity and power. Kimber Ultra Carry pistols in . 45 ACP and 9 mm have it all, and put it together in a 1911 package that simply outperforms any other type of semi-automatic.

Are Kimber guns worth the money?

Exactly and it’s a real value IMO. The kimber custom II is one of the best values in the market. I personally wouldn’t buy one of the really expensive kimber models because I would rather save a bit more and buy a wilson, etc. However, the base custom models are fantastic and worth every penny.

Is Kimber a good gun brand?

Used Kimber pistols are among the many types of pre-owned firearms Dury’s sells. Unlike Colt or Winchester, however, Kimber isn’t exactly a name you hear every day. This has led some gun owners to wonder if the company manufactures quality firearms. The answer, to put it simply, is a resounding “yes!”

What’s the difference between a Springfield Armory and a Kimber?

Hi so basically I have the choice between a Kimber and a Springfield Armory 1911. The Kimber says Classic Stainless Target on the side with the number K025247 and the Springfield says Model 1911-A1. Can anyone tell me some general info about the two, perhaps price?

What are mass opinions of the Kimber in 9mm?

Hello, I am new to the 1911 arena and just purchased a SA Loaded Target in 9mm. I am reading a lot of forums and I am now pulled in more directions. What are the mass opinions of the Kimber in 9mm vs the SA.

Which is better, 1911 Kimber or Springfield 1911?

Ultimately I decided on Springfield because no matter what forums I go to, Springfield gets high marks on their 1911 quality and service. Opinions are more divided with Kimber, there seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding Kimber quality and customer service. I couldn’t say if it is deserved or not.

Do you have a Springfield 9mm Range Officer?

Springfield builds many quality pistols for a fair price, you made the right choice Brandon. I have two SA 9mm Range Officers. If I had a choice on another 9mm between the two it would be a 3rd SA. Did you find the recommended reading relevant to this discussion?

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