How do you unlock synthesis in Kingdom Hearts?

In Kingdom Hearts, item synthesis is made available after Sora gains the Green Trinity in Agrabah, as he needs it to reach the opening in the ceiling of Cid’s Accessory Shop that leads to the Moogle’s shop.

How do I beat Monstro in Kingdom Hearts?

BOSS: Cage Parasite A good strategy is to use physical attacks when his arms are briefly at rest, and then back off to expend the MP thus gathered on Fira shots to his head. Every so often, he’ll be knocked dormant, too, which is the sign to go in and swing hard.

How do I get to chamber 4 in Monstro?

Press Circle to drop it instead of throwing it and you can leap from the barrel to the ledge with a Chest that contains a Mythril . Jump across to the new area and break the barrel to gain access to the Chest with Dalmatians 79, 80 and 81 inside. Jump back to the area you start at and enter Chamber 4.

How many synthesis are there in kh1?

25 items
The original game has a total of 25 items available for synthesis, whereas Final Mix has 33, as well as one extra list of a higher tier. Final Mix also rearranged most items, making them cheaper or more expensive (notably Elixir went from list I to V), as well as changing some of the required materials.

Where can I get red Nocturne?

Red Nocturne

World EXP
Traverse Town 15
Traverse Town (Questploration) 60
Wonderland (Questploration) 60
Agrabah 134

Can you skip Atlantica?

You can skip it by just not going. Either go completely around (if you don’t want to do the gummi ship part) or do the gummi ship to Atlantica and just continue on to the other worlds.

Where do you go after Monstro?

After completing at least two Worlds the path to Neverland appears and you can advance the story. Other things to do: After completing Monstro, the Pegasus Cup opens up in Olympia, and you can also check in on Pinnochio and Gepetto in their new house in Traverse Town’s First District.

How do I get a red Nocturne card?

Use Teeming Darkness, Looming Darkness, and Almighty Darkness cards in any words that have Red Nocturnes in them, then fight battles and make sure you kill the Red Nocturne last.

How do you get 100 hits on Pink Agaricus?

The Pink Agaricus will remain stopped for about 20 seconds, which should be just enough time to execute the Ragnarok three times. This is tough, but it is possible. If you are able to nail three perfect Ragnaroks as fast as possible, and also get in a few hits in between, you will eventually be able to get 100 hits.

Where to find Monstro in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5?

After you’ve nabbed all the goodies head for the door that’s above the Chamber 1 door you originally went into. It’s called the Throat. Simply fight through the Heartless and climb your way to the top to enter the Stomach and prepare for a Boss Fight. So now he’s back and he’s much stronger.

How long does it take to synthesise Kingdom Hearts trophies?

This is a trophy guide for Kingdom Hearts, which may take around 130 or more hours to complete. It requires at least 3 playthroughs of the story mode. There’s many collectible and side-story trophies that aren’t too difficult to obtain on easy mode. Here is a list of how many materials you are going to need to fully synthesise all items.

Who is in the bowels of Monstro Kingdom Hearts?

After taking it to his father, Geppetto he’ll tell him that this is the key to leaving Monstro, then Sora introduces himself and the gang to Geppetto and as does he. However while Geppetto is talking to Sora and the gang, Pinocchio grows curious of the figure heading into Monstro ‘s bowels… who is of course Riku. Pinocchio follows Riku.

What does Riku do in Kingdom Hearts Monstro?

Use Cure to heal. After defeating the Parasite Cage, a cutscene plays where Maleficent tells Riku that he must go into Kingdom Hearts to find knowledge of how to return Kairi back to life. She then goes on to give him the power to control the Heartless.

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