Are old large 50p coins worth anything?

AN OLD 50p coin celebrating Britain’s Presidency of the European Council could be worth up to £50 and you could have one at home. Only 109,000 of them were released into circulation – making it one of the rarest 50p coins.

What are the rarest 50p Olympic coins?

The rarest of the coins is the football 50p coin which has a mintage of only 1,125,500 with the wrestling 50p coin coming a close second with 1,129,500 in mintage.

Are 50 pence Peter Rabbit coins worth anything?

Only 1.1million of each of these coins were produced. Flopsy bunny and Peter Rabbit designs which were produced in 2018 are also highly valuable. These coins – 1.4 million of which were minted – depict the characters from Beatrix Potter’s novels and celebrate the life of the English writer and these sell for around £5.

Can you still use old 50 pence?

1. Re: OLD Large 50 pence coins: Are they still spendable in UK? No, or at least no-one’s obliged to take them and they aren’t legal tender. Per the Royal Mint: “Smaller version introduced September 1997 (Larger version introduced October 1969, demonetised in 1998)”.

Is the new Sherlock Holmes 50p worth anything?

Since the coins have not been put into circulation, the value is fairly straightforward, they are worth the retail price (as shown in the details above). If you do find one in your change you should count yourself lucky and put it aside, as the 50p coins are not intended to be used.

Why was a 50p coin issued in 1973?

The Royal Mint issued a special 50p coin in 1973 to celebrate the UK’s accession to the European Economic Community, find out more and how much the coins are now worth with our quick guide. Britain’s relationship with Europe might not be so smooth these days.

How much is a 1973 European Economic Community 50p worth?

Versions of the coin can be obtained for around £2.50 on sites such as eBay, whilst proof versions, often in a presentation box, can be purchased for around £7-£10. Change Checker stocks this 50p for JUST £5.00 which you can secure for your collection here >>

How many copies of the Britannia 50p were issued?

With no ‘Britannia’ 50p coin being issued in 1973, the 89 million copies of this version served the needs of the public and were widely circulated at the time. The coin is therefore not the scarcest 50p but since it is the first to venture away from the traditional design, it’s a lovely one to add to your collection.

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